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The Branding Heroes awardees pose with Walton Hi-Tech Industries PLC’s Managing Director and CEO Golam Murshed. - Swadeshnews24.com
এশিয়া কাপের প্রস্তুতি জোরদারে সাকিব পানিবন্দি ১৫ হাজার মানুষ ‘শিক্ষার্থীদের জন্য গাড়ি ভাড়া ফ্রি’ তিন বগি লাইনচ্যুত, উত্তর-পশ্চিমাঞ্চলের ট্রেন চলাচল বন্ধ বঙ্গবন্ধু এক্সপ্রেসওয়েতে একে একে ৩ বাসের ধাক্কা, নিহত ২ কোহলির সমালোচকদের যে পরামর্শ দিলেন সিকান্দার রাজা কোহলির সমালোচকদের যে পরামর্শ দিলেন সিকান্দার রাজা হঠাৎ করে সব পণ্যের দাম বৃদ্ধি, বিপাকে নিম্নআয়ের মানুষ কেমন হবে মুনকার-নাকিরের জিজ্ঞাসাবাদ ৭৫ বছর পর ইউটিউব চ্যানেল মেলাল ভারত-পাকিস্তানের দুই ভাইকে সড়কে প্রাণ গেল ব্যবসায়ীর রুশদিকে কুপিয়ে মোটেও অনুতপ্ত নই: হাদি মাতার বিয়ের পরপরই আলিয়ার অন্তঃসত্ত্বা হওয়া নিয়ে যা বললেন কারিনা যে কারণে এশিয়া কাপে নেতৃত্ব হারালেন মাহমুদউল্লাহ শ্রেণিকক্ষ সংকটে বারান্দায় ক্লাস

The Branding Heroes awardees pose with Walton Hi-Tech Industries PLC’s Managing Director and CEO Golam Murshed.

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47 personalities, enterprises get Branding Heroes Award Walton CEO’s important trade-related directives amid global crisis
Press Release:
Bangladesh's top electronics manufacturer Walton has honored 47 personalities and
enterprises with Branding Heroes Award as recognition of their outstanding
contribution in raising sales growth through root-level creative branding under its
Digital Campaigns. Coming up with important directives and instructions on trade
related issues during the global crisis, Walton Hi-Tech Industries PLC’s Managing
Director and CEO Golam Murshed handed over the crest, certificate and crown to the
awardees of Walton and Marcel brands.
The 'Branding Heroes' award giving ceremony was held at Walton Corporate Office in
the capital on Wednesday evening (August 3, 2022).
The function was attended, among others, by Deputy Managing Directors Nazrul
Islam Sarker, Amdadul Haque Sarker, Eva Rezwana Nilu and Humayun Kabir,
Walton Plaza Trade’s CEO Mohammad Rayhan, Senior Executive Directors SM
Zahid Hasan, Firoj Alam, Tanvir Rahman, Ariful Ambia, Dr. Shakhawat Hossen and
Amin Khan, Executive Director Shahiduzzaman Rana.
A total of 21 Walton and Marcel distributors and Walton Plaza have been awarded for
their root-level remarkable branding activation and contribution to the sales growth
while 26 employees were honored in different categories for their outstanding
performance in branding activities, sales, sales growth, collection, collection growth
and receivable growth.
Terming the awardees as ‘extra-ordinary soldiers’, Walton CEO Golam Murshed said:
Great achievement comes from teamwork and strong willpower is badly needed to
achieve something unique. We can achieve success with hard work in a united way.
We need to change ourselves first to bring a collective change in the society.
He said: The world is going through business recession as it encounters inflation and
stagflation. Prices of raw-materials and freight cost are high in the global market with
the increase of dollar prices. Considering the customers’ financial hardships during
this global economic turmoil, Walton has not increased the product prices according
to the hike of production costs. Walton is providing products to customers sacrificing
the profit as we want everyone in the country enjoys a comfortable life.
Walton CEO also requested all to be more energy efficient and prevent all kinds of
energy wastage at workplaces and homes, saying, personal awareness and little
sacrifice in saving energy can be beneficial for all in the society.
Golam Murshed also said that Walton has largest Research and Innovation (R&I)
center in Bangladesh to develop products as per the demands and requirement of
customers and it has set up another innovation center in South Korea. We are capable
of manufacturing and marketing products in accordance with the customers’ needs in
our own production plant equipped with the world's best technology and machineries.
New models of products including refrigerators, televisions and air conditioners are

waiting to hit the market soon and we hope that this global crisis will be over soon, he
Mudarich Ali Tenu, proprietor of T.R. Electro Mart in Habiganj, one the awarded
distributors of Walton, spoke on behalf the of the awardees. He thanked Walton
authorities for maintaining a long business relation with them. He said that Walton
CEO’s timely instructions will inspire them in running their business.

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